The Challenge
How can art-houses cinemas connect audiences beyond watching movies together? Connected Cinemas are exploring the idea to make movie theatres more like cultural hubs that approach topics relevant to their audience. Via the research group Civic Interaction Design, we were asked to create an engaging interactive installation that connects the audience of art-house cinemas around the topic of climate change. 
The idea is to have a painting of Amsterdam that can change its scene depending on real time weather. On top of that, when a user is present, it will show different future scenarios: either We Change, or Climate Change.
Co - Design
We conducted research and facilitated a co-design session to have an accurate impression on the different scenarios. We asked ourselves questions such as how does the city needs to change to minimise the global warming?
Painting Making
Paintings are generated through 3D modelling. The renders are then converted to look like a realistic painting with the help of scripts and Photoshop.
Programming Interaction
A depth camera is used to get the user's position relative to the painting. Touch Designer process the data and decides which image to output depending on weather data from an API and the data from the depth camera.
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